Getting to the airport with all your belongings and making your flight on time is already stressful enough without facing the challenges of actually getting there. That’s why American Dream Coaches in Staten Island provides experienced, courteous, and professional airport van service to Newark Liberty International, Laguardia, and J.F.K. International airports.

If you need rides to or from these transportation hubs, contact our van services coordinator today, and rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen the premiere van transportation service in the New Jersey area. Here are a few ways that our comfortable vans and friendly drivers will help you enjoy your trip.

No Stress From Traffic

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the Union, and it shows on the roadways more than anywhere else. Traffic is dense, and both New Jerseyans and New Yorkers have their own special styles for how to get places in a car. Take for example the way that New York taxi drivers have the ability to turn three lanes of traffic into five, or how New Jerseyans look at the speed limits on the Garden State Parkway as a way to identify out of state visitors. When you’re already stressed about making a flight, let American Dream Coaches navigate the roads for you. We’ll make sure you get there on time and in style.

No Worries About Pedestrians

It’s not just cars that clog the roads in our beautiful state — foot traffic is also dense and also has its own set of rules. Pedestrians tend to make the best of a tough situation when it comes to getting around in New Jersey, which can be dangerous for them and for a frazzled driver on their way to the airport. Our highly visible airport service vans and vigilant drivers can ensure that everyone, including pedestrians, has a safe commute while you’re on your way out of town.

Avoiding Tolls

Sometimes just getting around Staten Island and the greater New Jersey area can be pricey. Depending on your route to or from the airport, you could be looking at multiple turnpikes and bridges that require tolls. When you use our polite and professional van transportation services, you avoid additional costs from turnpikes and toll booths, and you get to relax in comfort as our experienced drivers handle the usual stress of driving to the airport for you.

Avoid The Ever-Present Construction

Keeping the Garden State beautiful takes a lot of hard work, and the fine men and women of New Jersey keep at it with constant construction and roadwork projects. While these ultimately lead to a safer, smoother ride for you down the road, they do you no favors when it comes to you catching your flight on time today. American Dream Coaches stays up to date with all the construction in the area and knows how to make sure you make your flight on time, safely, and stress-free.

No Need To Find Parking

Possibly the worst part of flying is having to find parking. It always takes too long and leaves your wallet feeling significantly lighter. When you use our luxury van service for your trip to the airport, you can wave goodbye to the typical parking headaches. We’ll take you right to your drop off point so you can get checked in and to your gate on time.


We’d love to help with your next trip to the airport and show you the difference that an American Dream Coach van and driver make. Contact us to schedule your ride and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.